• Law on Maritime Property and Seaports (“Official Gazette” No. 158 / 03,141 / 06, 38/09 and 123/11) – see law
  • Maritime Code (Official Gazette No. 181/04, 76/07, 61/11, 56/13) – see law
  • Zakon o ustanovama („Narodne novine“ br. 76/93, 29/97, 47/99 i 35/08) – pogledaj zakon
  • Law on Concessions (Official Gazette 143/12) – see law
  • Public Procurement Act (Official Gazette 90/11, 83/13, 143/13, 13/14 – decision of the USRH) – see law
  • Decree on the conditions that ports must meet (Official Gazette 110/04) – see regulation
  • Decree on the classification of ports open to public traffic and special purpose ports (Official Gazette 110/04) – see regulation
  • Decree on the procedure for granting a concession on a maritime domain (Official Gazette No. 23/04, 101/04, 39/06, 63/08, 125/10 and 102/11, 83/12) – see ordinance
  • Ordinance on the criteria for determining the purpose of a particular part of a port open to public traffic of county and local importance, the method of payment of berths, conditions of use, and determining the maximum fee and revenue distribution (Official Gazette 79/08, 114/12 , 47/13) – see policy
  • Ordinance on the conditions and manner of maintaining order in ports and other parts of the internal sea waters and the territorial sea of ​​the Republic of Croatia (Official Gazette 72/2021) – view policy
  • Order on the classification of public transport in the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County (Official Gazette No. 3/15, 15/15) – view command

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